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Ok so here is the weekend report!!!

I gotta say man I sure love my (our) boat…

But this Cabana concept is GENIUS!!!! I have never had so much fun so much worry free enjoyment in a loonnngg time!!!

Dallas the owner is top notch and really thought this one through well!!

It has an on board stereo with a subwoofer for a pretty decent sound system… however my husband brought his DJ speaker which lets just say let the channel know we were there!!!

He will place it anywhere you wish on the channel either side and has it all ready to go at 9am!!! After getting 10 people together and moving we boarded at 11am and partied till about 7pm!!!

I had Dallas remove the bed, so we had a dancing area and lounge seating area!!! It was perfect!!! I can’t tell you how many times I was watching people try to park in the wind and get close to the cabana and out of pure reaction my husband and I would immediately run to “save the boat”… then we’d stop and laugh and say “It’s not my boat”!!! When someone spilt a beer they grabbed a towel and immediately cleaned it up… normally I would’ve been all “really??” but not this time I just laughed and said… “not my boat!!” It was the saying of the day and we enjoyed every moment of it… the worry free of being responsible for driving, towing, launching… etc… is worth EVERY PENNY!!!

We are boat owners and took very good care of the cabana, and even Dallas thanked me for leaving it clean… guess I don’t know how to just leave a mess… but go figure!!!

All I can say is if you ever have a large group and don’t feel like playing captain all day… rent one!!! It will be the time of your life!! I will be getting one of these at least 5 times this summer!!!

I think I might even get one with just hubby and I… its so fun!!! Knowing we can walk up and grab a taxi back was a great feeling!!!

For once EVERYONE was equally able to enjoy themselves… instead of my poor hubby always staying sober while everyone else gets hammered!!

All I have to say you have to try it at least once!!! You’ll wonder why we pay these big boat payments!! LOL Besides to leave the channel… hahaha… but 90% don’t so this is right up your alley!!!

Gas prices are up!! Bring your honda civic up and a few 30packs and your set to go!!!

Cause they have a HUGE white cooler with 110Lbs of bagged ice!!!
OH!! And also INCLUDED?? Either a BBQ with a propane tank full… or they will deliver a pizza!!! Included in the price!!!

Party on Everyone!!!

Cabana Boat Fan forever!!

Satisfied Customer


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